Saturday, April 27, 2013

Download Bhoot fm on radio foorti low quality

BHOOT FM is one of the best programs in the history of Bangladesh FM radio. It is published the story or ancient of bhoot or ghost. Abnormal activity of this world is published in t his program. Any people who have story of ghost he was always invite to say his or her story. It invite people by email.

 A person who have the story of ghost he should write or record the story or ancient and should sent them by email. Their email address is <>  or people contact them by send SMS or facebook their facebook address is . this show sponsored by Airtel. 

Every Friday night 11:59 PM is BOOT FM published on radio foorti. Radio foorti is favorite for this program. It is the best program on radio foorti. This program RJ is RJ RUSSEL. He is a good RJ. This program sound editor is MASUM.

Hunted house , hunted pond , hunted place , hunted story or ancient is publish in  this program. They always try to publish hunted true ancient.  In every episode new guest come to tell their experiment of  true hunted ancient in their life. All episode every guest tell different story.
How type of ghost present our earth you can know in this program. In village how work ghost and in town how ghost work for afraid people. 

so do not miss this show. If you miss thiss you will miss something. you will miss bhoot or ghost.
If you are interested i will give bhoot fm in my comment you are interest or not.

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